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SafetyEx is the exclusive distributor of GT High Performance products throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific

GT High Performance Smoke Alarms

Only GT High Performance smoke alarms can be silenced by any existing remote control in your home.

Split Spectrum Technology

GT High Performance smoke alarms incorporate our unique split spectrum technology with not one – but two smoke sensors. A traditional photoelectric sensor and a second blue LED sensor to detect different particle sizes in the air.

These two sensors are capable of recognising the difference between smoke, dust and vapour. The combination of sensors means the alarm is better able to reduce false alarms that were previously caused by things like steam, dust and humidity.

GT High Performance smoke alarms are designed to be conservative in their dismissal of an alarm. This ensures the alarm does trigger when needed. GT alarms reduce the difficulties caused by false alarms whilst maintaining high accuracy.

Silence at Your Fingertips

With GT High Performance smoke alarms you can silence the alarms with any existing remote control in your home – without having to climb or reach to push the button on the alarm. Instant calm.

GT Smoke Alarms Introduction

GT Smoke Alarms in Detail

Advanced Research Testing

The GT High Performance Smoke Alarms manufacturing facility is equipped with an advanced engineering experiment and research centre. Our testing laboratory focuses on fundamental researches and testing of materials, components, single boards, spectrum technology and the entire machine itself – ensuring GT smoke alarms superiority over all other smoke alarms.

Innovative R&D Centre

GT High Performance smoke alarms are constantly pursuing quality and innovation. We incorporate advanced technologies into our devices to make them user-friendly and easy for installation. Our innovation and research help ensure that GT High Performance smoke alarms are the most reliable, best performing smoke alarms in Australia.

Intelligent Manufacturing

GT High Performance smoke alarms are manufactured on cutting edge SMT dual-track production lines with automated testing lines. Our absolute commitment to quality results in a high performance smoke alarm that has been designed to function perfectly in the rigours of the Australian environment and climate.


Why Choose SafetyEx


Wireless technologies allow for constant innovations in our home safety products.


Self-developed apps are convenient and ensure protection of personal data and privacy.


Strict quality controls of every detail to ensure the most reliable and durable products.


We offer a 5-year warranty, a 60-day money-back guarantee, and lifetime technical support.