GT High Performance 240v mains powered smoke alarm with rechargeable lithium battery backup

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Model no: GT240L

The GT Wireless Interconnected Heat Alarm is specifically designed to continuously monitor abnormal temperature. Integrated with a high-precision thermistor and an intelligent algorithm, it triggers an alarm when a predetermined temperature is reached. It is ideal for smoky, dusty, or humid areas that may trigger false smoke alarms, e.g., kitchens where cooking fumes are present and attics, garages where there may be lots of dust. The GT High Performance Heat Alarm is 240v mains powered with a 9v battery backup. It provides 24/7 protection against fire and the alarm signal will be pushed to every alarm in the interconnected network and they will raise the alarm in unison.

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Split Spectrum Technology

Adopting new split-spectrum sensor and a built-in high-volume buzzer, it responds quickly and becomes highly sensitive with stable performance and low false alarms. In the event of a false alarm, it can be silenced by any existing IR remote control in your home.

When you burn the toast, silence the smoke alarms with your TV remote!

GT High Performance smoke alarms can be silenced with any existing remote control in your home.


GT smoke alarms are exactly what they say – high performance smoke alarms.

Every GT smoke alarm is backed by a full 10 year warranty – the life of the smoke alarm.


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