Major Tech 6kV High Voltage Phasing Stick

$3,560.00 + GST

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Model no: MT6KV
  • Dual colour coded scales for % and AC Voltage
  • Neon indicator when voltage greater than 1200VAC is detected
  • System Voltage 6.6kV
  • Full Scale Voltage 8kV
  • Maximum Voltage 9kV
  • Frequency 50-60Hz
  • Total Resistance 4.48Mꭥ
  • Measures Phase to Phase
  • Measures and tests Phase to Earth
  • Compare between Phases
  • High immunity to interference fields
  • Current is limited to 1mA
  • Lightweight, robust and compact
  • Self-powered, no battery required
  • Testing of grounded or ungrounded systems
  • High quality fibreglass wound rod
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Meets IEC 61481

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Major Tech 6kV High Voltage Phasing Stick $3,560.00 + GST

The MT6KV 6kV High Voltage Phasing Stick is an all-in-one meter including a Phase Comparator with colour coded scale indication, a Voltage Detector with Neon Indication and a Scaled Voltmeter. This Multifunction Phasing Stick utilizes a long established technique to detect and measure high voltages and perform phasing tests. This dual pole instrument incorporates modern, high quality glass fibre front ends, composite polyurethane main body moulding to give tough and very lightweight construction and superior safety features. It has an analogue colour coded dual scales and neon indication. The dual scale read direct (no multiplier) in kVAC or in % of full scale and is colour coded (Green = in phase, Red = out of phase). A bright neon is included on the scale for easy visibility indoor and it has dual purpose. The neon is also a detector and will be lit when the voltage across the poles is higher than 1200VAC. In case of unlikely failure of the analogue scale indicator, the neon can be used as voltage detector.

This 6kV High Voltage Phasing Stick is housed in a superb high quality modern plastic case with shock absorbing foam. It is ideally suited for testing of grounded or ungrounded systems. Important applications include checking voltage fuses, testing for correct phase connections, and for absence of high voltage on de-energized lines or apparatus.


Function Range
System voltage 6.6kV
Full scale voltage 8kV
Maximum voltage 9kV
Frequency 50 or 60Hz
Total resistance 4.48MΩ
Response time <1sec
Neon threshold 1.2kV
Neon Lit fully @ 1.5kV
Display Neon & panel meter
Length of handle 775mm
Length front end 400mm
Total length 1.175m
Total weight 2.1kg
Handle material Composite Material with polyurethane
Front end material Fibre glass wound tubing
Operating temperature -25°C to 55°C
Operating humidity 20 to 96% RH
Safety standard IEC61481


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