Major Tech High Voltage NCV Detector

$239.00 + GST

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Model no: MT273
  • Check and detect live high voltage cables
  • Non-contact detection of live voltage
  • AC Voltage 50V-1.5kV/1.5kV-132kV
  • Two ranges of selection : High / Low
  • Power consumption :20mA
  • High & Low voltage detection mode
  • Light weight, robust and compact
  • Duty Cycle continuous
Major Tech High Voltage NCV Detector $239.00 + GST

The MT273 High Voltage NCV Detector tests for energised circuits and defective grounds, for an electrician on the factory floor or power utility comparing. The MT273 Non-Contact Voltage Detector’s voltage sensor will flash blue and sound intermittently when in contact with high voltage or within close proximity of an outlet, terminal strip, or power cord.


Function Range
Power On Indicator Flashing Blue LED
Non-Contact Voltage (NCV) Yes
AC Voltage 50V -1.5kV/1.5kV-132kV
Voltage Detector Visual Hi Bright Blue LED
Voltage Detector Audible Continuous Beep
Enclosure Moulded
Battery 9V
Weight 175g
Dimensions 245 x 80 x 37mm
Safety Specs IEC61326-1


Carrying Case
9V Battery
Instruction manual


Click here download the Data sheet.

Click here download the instruction manual.