Major Tech 1000V AC/DC TRMS Bluetooth Multimeter

$559.00 + GST

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Model no: MT1005
  • CAT IV 600V and CAT III 1000V
  • Large 50 000 count 320 x 240 TFT color LCD display
  • Logging function with Trend Capture for easy review of logged data
  • DC and AC Voltage 1000V
  • DC and AC Current 10A
  • AC+DC True-RMS Voltage 1000V
  • Resistance 50Mꭥ
  • Frequency 10Mhz
  • Capacitance 10mF
  • Temperature -200 to 1350˚C
  • Duty Cycle 99.9%
  • Graph 100 Data review
  • Bluetooth interface for easy data transfer & accuracy calibration
  • Records events and trends and saves Measurements.
  • A/D convert fast sampling time.
  • Peak capture (records transients as fast as 250μs)
  • Min/Max/Average with Time stamp (records signal fluctuations)
  • 4-20mA process loop measurements with % reading
  • Battery capacity indication
  • Date indication
Major Tech 1000V AC/DC TRMS Bluetooth Multimeter $559.00 + GST

The MT1005 1000V AC/DC TRMS Bluetooth Multimeter with TFT colour LCD display, provides fast A/D converting sampling time, high accuracy, built-in data logging and Trend Capture features. It can trace any interruptions of the equipment and record events automatically unattended. Using the Bluetooth feature, it is easy to find and solve the problems while the app creates reports that can be transferred via Email, WhatsApp and other options. This meter provides safer measurements with the double moulded rubber housing design.


Function Range Resolution Accuracy
DC voltage 500mV – 1000V 0.01mV ± (0.05% + 5 Digits)
AC voltage 500mV – 1000V 0.01mV ± (0.5% + 5 Digits)
AC + DC TRMS voltage 5V – 1000V 0.1mV ± (1.2% + 20 Digits)
DC Current 500μA – 10A 0.01μA ± (0.2% + 5 Digits)
AC Current 500μA – 10A 0.01μA ± (0.8% + 5 Digits)
Duty Cycle 0.1 to 99.90% 0,01% ± (1.2% + 2 Digits)
Resistance 500Ω – 50MΩ 0.01Ω ± (0.2% + 5 Digits)
Frequency 50 Hz – 10MHz 0.001Hz ± (0.01% + 5 Digits)
Capacitance 5nF – 10mF 0.001nF ± (1.5% + 8 Digits)
Temperature -200 to 1350°C 0.1°C ± (1.0%+ 3 Digits)
True RMS Measurements AC
4-20mA% Yes
AC Bandwidth 50Hz to 20KHz
Digital Display 50000 TFT
Bargraph Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Records events and Trends Yes
Data logging Yes
Continuity Yes
Diode test Yes
Overrange indication Yes
Input impedance >10MΩ VDC & >9MΩ VAC
Min Max Yes
Peak hold 1ms
Enclosure Double moulded
Low battery indication Yes
Power source 7.4V rechargeable
Dimensions 170 x 79 x 50mm
Safety Specs IEC61010-1 CatIV 600V

Safety Ratings


Soft Carrying Case
Test Leads
Temperature Probe
Instruction Manual
Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries
Meterbox IMM Software


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