RFDS Explorer Rescue Swag Refill Modules

$58.18 + GST

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Model no: RSWG-EXP-RFL-1

Ensure your Explorer Rescue Swag first aid kit is up to date and ready for use by purchasing a convenient Explorer refill module.

We advise checking your first aid kits every 12 months to ensure no medical supplies have expired.

If you have had an emergency where you have had to use items from your kit, we also recommend purchasing a refill module to replace and used items.

This refill pack contains 1 x Explorer module, including everything you need to treat snake and spider bites.

Please note that our refills include module medical supplies within a zip lock bag. Please keep your Rescue Swag pouch for easy replenishment.

RFDS Explorer Rescue Swag Refill Modules $58.18 + GST

Contents of the Explorer Module:

  • Antiseptic Cream (25g): Essential for disinfecting and treating minor wounds.
  • Snake Bite Indicator Bandage (10cm x 10.5m): Critical for first-aid response to snake bites, helping identify the bite mark.
  • Instant Ice Pack (80g): Immediate cooling relief for sprains and strains.
  • Low Adherent Dressing (7.5cm x 10cm): Provides wound protection and promotes healing.
  • Stainless Steel Tweezers (9cm): Precision tool for splinter or foreign object removal.
  • Splinter Probes (3.7cm): Five single-use probes for meticulous splinter extraction.
  • CPR Face Shield (Disposable): Essential for safe and effective resuscitation.
  • Powder Free Gloves (Pack of 2): Four gloves ensuring a hygienic first-aid application.
  • Bandaid (72mm x 19mm, Pack of 25): Perfect for covering and protecting small cuts and abrasions.
  • Bandaid Knuckle and Finger Tip (Pack of 12): Specialized bandaids for those hard-to-cover areas.
  • Burn Gel Sachets (3.5g): Three sachets to alleviate and treat minor burns.
  • Combine Dressing (10cm x 10cm): Effective for larger wounds, offering absorbency and protection.
  • Eyewash Ampoule (15ml): Two ampoules for immediate eye relief from irritants.
  • Butterfly Wound Closure Strips (45mm x 10mm, Pack of 10): Secure wound closures without stitches.
  • Cleansing Wipes: Three wipes to ensure clean wound treatment.
  • Stainless Steel Scissors: Versatile scissors for cutting dressings or clothing.
  • Thermal Blanket (140 x 210cm): Essential in emergencies for managing shock and maintaining body heat.
  • Calico Triangular Bandage (110cm x 110cm): Multifunctional bandage for slings or wound coverage.
  • Gauze Swabs (5cm x 5cm, Pack of 3): For wound cleaning or as additional dressing.
  • Instruction Card: Comprehensive guidelines for the effective use of each component.

Key Features

  • Versatile Preparedness: From snake bites to burns, sprains to wounds, this refill module covers a broad spectrum of first aid needs.
  • High-Quality Components: Trust in the durability and reliability of every item within this module.
  • Compact & Organized: Designed to fit seamlessly into our Explorer Rescue Swag first aid kit.
  • Safety First: All tools and components prioritize user safety, ensuring effective and risk-free first aid application.

KIT Contents


Item QTY
Antiseptic cream – 25g x1
Snake bite indicator bandage – 10cm x 5m x1
Instant ice pack – 80g x1
Low adherent dressing – 7.5cm x 10cm x1
Stainless steel tweezers – 9cm x1
Splinter probes – 3.7cm x5
CPR face shield (disposable) x1
Powder free gloves (pack of 2) x2
Bandaid – 72mm x 19mm (pack of 25) x1
Bandaid knuckle and finger tip (pack of 12) x1
Burn gel sachets – 3.5g x3
Combine dressing – 10cm x 10cm x1
Eyewash ampoule – 15ml x2
Butterfly wound closure strips – 45mm x 10mm (pack of 10) x1
Cleansing wipes x3
Stainless steel scissors x1
Thermal blanket – 140 x 210cm x1
Calico triangular bandage – 110cm x 110cm x1
Gauze swabs – 5cm x 5cm (pack of 3) x2


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