Safe Life Personal Panic Alarm – Chirpie Infinity

$39.99 + GST

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Elevate your safety standards with Chirpie Infinity, our advanced rechargeable personal panic alarm, also known as a personal attack alarm. This upgraded version of the classic Chirpie personal attack alarm boasts not only a powerful 130db alarm but also the added convenience of a built-in flashlight button on the side for immediate illumination. Designed for continuous readiness, Chirpie Infinity, your personal attack alarm, features a low power indicator, ensuring you’re always prepared.

The quick-release ring of our personal attack alarm allows for fast activation, providing instant security in urgent situations. Not just limited to Australia, Chirpie Infinity is stylised with a contemporary aesthetic, making it a welcome addition to your safety toolkit anywhere. Beyond being a personal panic alarm, it’s also a personal attack alarm that serves as a beacon of confidence and preparedness, ensuring you’re never left in the dark. Carry Chirpie Infinity, the epitome of reliable and fashionable personal safety, from Australia to the world.

Safe Life Personal Panic Alarm – Chirpie Infinity $39.99 + GST

Introducing Chirpie Infinity, our enhanced Personal Panic Alarm, a key player among personal safety devices designed to offer unparalleled peace of mind. The Chirpie Infinity, a first-rate personal panic alarm, is an essential companion for those who often find themselves walking alone, particularly at night, in places like Melbourne. Featuring a thunderous 130dB alarm, this device ensures that your call for help is heard loud and clear. The addition of a side-mounted flashlight button provides instant illumination, making it a versatile tool for various situations and an exemplary personal attack alarm.

The Chirpie Infinity, one among the leading personal panic alarm devices, is not just about sound; it’s also visually striking. Its sleek keyring mini design appeals to the style-conscious. The built-in strobe light further enhances its safety features, making it a multi-functional device for personal protection – a complete safety solution.

Personal panic alarm features

  1. Purpose-Driven Design: Ideal for enhancing safety in alarming situations, suitable for women, children, and vulnerable individuals.
  2. Versatile Usage Scenarios:
    • Effective when suspecting being followed while walking alone.
    • Useful in drawing attention to unsafe situations, such as a suspicious person approaching children.
    • Essential for signalling for immediate assistance when unable to use your voice.
  3. Loud Alarm and Flashing Light:
    • Emits a high-decibel alarm noise to alert those nearby.
    • Built-in light flashes to draw additional attention.
    • Alarm duration up to 90 minutes on full power for prolonged safety.
  4. Simple Activation and Deactivation:
    • Remove the insulating sheet before first use.
    • Pull out the pin to activate the alarm and flashing light.
    • Reinsert the pin to deactivate.
  5. Integrated Flashlight Feature:
    • Side button to easily turn on/off the flashlight.
    • Provides immediate illumination in dark or uncertain situations.
  6. Low Battery Indicator:
    • Flashing indicator alerts when battery is low (flashes 10 times when pin is pulled out or light button is pressed).
  7. Rechargeable Battery:
    • USB-C charging for convenient power replenishment.
    • Quick charging time: fully charges within 1 hour.
    • Battery capacity: 200mAh/3.7V for reliable performance.

Have you ever been in a situation in Melbourne where you wished for an immediate way to alert others to your dire circumstance? The Chirpie Infinity, one of the best personal safety devices in Australia , is the answer. It’s a compact, easy-to-carry device that acts as a powerful deterrent. The alarm, that sounds like a siren, is designed to disorient an attacker or alert passers by, thereby increasing your safety. It’s a personal alarm for women and men alike and a testament to your self-assurance.


Easily attachable to keys or bags with the provided keychain accessory & carabiner, the rechargeable Chirpie Infinity is always within reach. A simple pull of the emergency ring triggers the ear-pierc130dB alarm and activates the strobe light, drawing immediate attention to your situation.

Exhibit the versatility of the Chirpie Infinity personal safety devices in various scenarios:

Deter an attacker in Australia with the intimidating emergency alarm and flashlight.
Signal your location during emergencies or natural disasters.
Suitable for school-aged children and older for added security.
An emergency safety alarm like the rechargeable Chirpie Infinity are crucial for attracting attention in dangerous situations. The alarm’s reach, up to 50 feet, serves a dual purpose: it alerts nearby individuals to potential danger and provides an opportunity for escape.

Night time walks in Melbourne can feel perilous. With the personal panic alarm Australia champions, the Chirpie Infinity, you carry more than just a deterrent; you carry a beacon of safety. Its loud alarm functions like a rape whistle, deterring attackers and drawing attention when needed.

Whether you’re out on the trails, jogging, or walking at night, Chirpie Infinity is your guardian among personal safety devices. Attachable to a watch, belt, or even worn around your hand, it’s your versatile safety tool. The ear-piercing 130db sound is impossible to ignore, significantly increasing your chances of being found and assisted in distress.

Chirpie Infinity is more than a personal security alarm; it’s a statement of empowerment, giving you the confidence to navigate the world with a sense of security. It’s a personal alarm for women and anyone else prioritising personal safety.

What is the purpose of a safety alarm?

  • Deterrent to Potential Attackers: The loud noise emitted by personal attack alarms can startle and deter potential attackers. The sudden, loud noise from devices like these in Melbourne is often unexpected and can disrupt the intentions of the aggressor.
  • Draw Attention: The loud sound of a personal safety alarm can attract the attention of nearby people, potentially leading to assistance or intervention.
  • Signal for Help: Loudest personal attack alarm devices like Chirpie Infinity can be used as signals for help in various dire situations.
  • Peace of Mind: Carrying the Chirpie Infinity, one of Australia’s recognised personal safety devices, can provide a sense of security and peace of mind.
  • Non-Violent Self-Defence Tool: Personal panic alarms are non-violent, non-physical ways to respond to a threat. They provide a self-defence means that doesn’t involve physical confrontation.
  • Portable and Accessible: Chirpie Infinity’s keyring design keeps it readily accessible in an emergency.
  • Useful for Various Groups: These devices are beneficial for a wide range of people, and Chirpie Infinity caters perfectly to any category.
  • Emergency Identification in Disasters: In large-scale emergencies or natural disasters, a personal panic alarm like Chirpie Infinity can help rescuers locate individuals trapped under rubble.

With its compact design and lightweight construction, Chirpie Infinity, the personal attack alarm Australia trusts, is easy to carry in your pocket, purse, or even on your keychain. So, whether you’re navigating through late-night Australian streets or exploring unfamiliar territories, rest assured with the knowledge that Chirpie Infinity is the dependable personal attack alarm by your side.


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