Safe Life Personal Safety Alarm – Chirpie

$29.99 + GST

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Experience a newfound sense of security with Chirpie, your go-to personal safety alarm! Compact yet powerful, Chirpie delivers a piercing 130db alarm, guaranteed to draw immediate attention. Its pull-out ring ensures swift activation, giving you the upper hand in dicey situations. This personal safety alarm isn’t just about function, its vibrant colours and modern design make it a standout piece among women’s safety items. To top it off, Chirpie features a handy strobe light, adding a visual cue to your self-defence tools. With Chirpie, your personal safety alarm, walk confidently, knowing you’re not alone in prioritising your safety.

Safe Life Personal Safety Alarm – Chirpie $29.99 + GST

Personal Safety Alarm – Chirpie

Chirpie, the Personal Safety Alarm is perfect for those who are looking for a way to feel safer while walking alone at night. The 130db alarm is extremely loud, so it is sure to grab the attention of anyone nearby. The pull out ring makes it easy to pull out and use quickly if needed. The attractive, bright colours make it easy to see, and the stylish design is perfect for anyone who wants to feel safe while walking alone. The strobe light adds an extra element of safety, and the modern design makes it stylish as well as functional.

Have you ever felt unsafe in a situation and wished you had some way to get away? Personal safety alarms are a great way to feel more confident and keep yourself safe. They are small devices that are easy to carry and can be used as a last resort when you feel unsafe. They sound like a siren and are very loud, which is why they can help scare off an attacker or make people aware of your situation so they can help.


Attach this personal safety alarm with strobe light to your keys or bag via the included clip.

Pull out the emergency ring and your device will sound a loud 130dB alarm & the light will strobe.

You can use the personal safety alarm in many situations where someone may need to signal for help – for example,

  • Signalling for help and/or scaring off an attacker with the loud and intimidating high pitched alarm sound and flash light,
  • Letting someone know your whereabouts in the event of a natural disaster

This device is suitable for school-aged children and older.

Personal safety alarms are a great way to attract attention when in a dangerous situation. When activated, they create a loud noise that can be heard up to 50 feet away. This serves two purposes: it alerts people nearby that you may be in danger, and it provides an opportunity to get away if you can.

Walking at night is dangerous. You can’t see what’s around you, and you’re more likely to be targeted by criminals. Carrying a rape whistle can help you stay safe. The whistle will make a loud noise that will scare away attackers and attract attention from people nearby.

The Chirpie personal safety alarm is a great device to give you peace of mind while you’re out on the trails. It may be connected to a watch, belt, or even around your hand.

The device emits an ear piercing 130db sound that’s impossible to ignore. This can alert those nearby that you are in danger and need help. Using one of these alarms can greatly increase your chances of being found and rescued if you are lost or injured.

They’re also great for jogging or walking alone at night. By pulling out the ring, the sound will scare off would-be attackers and draw attention to your position.

How to replace the Chirpie battery

Items required : 2 x CR2032 batteries

Standby lifespan : 2 Years

See the picture above, it is easy to replace the batteries, no need for a screwdriver or tools.

Just Rotate the pin to open the housing, and then replace with new batteries.

Why should you buy a personal safety alarm?

– Feel safe and secure
-Have peace of mind
-Be prepared in case of an emergency
– To be able to summon help if needed
-Deter potential attackers

Who would use a 130db personal safety alarm with strobe light?

A 130db personal safety alarm with strobe light is an ideal choice for anyone who wants an extra layer of protection and security. This type of device is often used by joggers, cyclists, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts who want to be able to alert people in their vicinity if they are in danger. It is also a popular choice for individuals who work or live in areas where crime is a concern. The loud 130db alarm is designed to draw attention to a potentially dangerous situation, while the strobe light helps to ensure that people are aware of it even in low-light conditions. This type of alarm is also frequently used in personal safety kits, such as those distributed on college campuses and other high-traffic areas. Some employers may also choose to provide their employees with these alarms to help keep them safe while they are on the job.

Do Personal Safety Alarms work?

Yes, personal safety alarms for women and others are a great way to feel more secure when walking alone at night. The 130db alarm is loud enough to grab the attention of anyone nearby and the pull out ring makes it easy to activate quickly if needed. The bright and attractive designs make it easy to spot, as well as look stylish. Plus, the added strobe light adds an extra element of safety in moments of duress.

Overall, the best personal safety alarms for women are a great way to feel more secure while out and about. They are loud alarms that are enough to get someone’s attention and the pull out ring makes them easy to use. The modern design also makes them stylish and fashionable, so you don’t have to compromise on style for safety. All in all, a personal safetyalarm is an effective and stylish way to feel more secure.